International Scientific-Practical Conference “Tourism: Economics and Business”

Formatting guidelines

The paper and abstract formatting guidelines for conference participants:

All interested applicants should submit an electronic version of the paper or abstract following the  guidelines listed below:

  • The papers and enclosed abstracts should be in A4 format. Margins: top – 2.0 cm, bottom – 2.0 cm, left – 3.0 cm, right – 2.0 cm;
  • For Georgian text - Font Sylfaen and Times New Roman – for English text (Style: Normal, Font size – 10).
  • Line spacing - 1;
  • Pictures, graphics, schemes and etc. – in the format of TIFF 300dpi; 600dpi.
  • All equations should be typed in Microsoft equation 2.0 (2.1.);
  • First  Name  and  Surname  of  the  author  (authors)  on  the  upper  right  corner,  indicating  the  position, organization, e-mail and mobile number.
  • The title of the paper in capital letters appears in the center after 2 line-space;
  • The main text appears after 1.5 line-space;
  • The abstract in English, no less than 250-300 words, appears at the end of the paper. Indicating author’s first name, surname, position and organization the title of the paper.


  • The paper should not exceed 5 pages!
  • The authors take full responsibility for their opinions and views regarding the paper or abstract.
  • Articles will be pre-selected before publication.