Faculty of Tourism

Dean of the Faculty



Rostom Beridze

ID Number: 61008000112
Address: Apt. 48, 91 Melikishvili Street, Batumi
Citizenship: Georgia
Date of Birth: 20.07.1961
Tel: (+99599) 71 62 63
(+99577) 71 62 63
E-mail: rostomi.beridze@bbs.ge; www.bbs.ge
Academic position: Full Professor
Academic spheres of interest: Strategic management, human resources management, bank management, problems of competitive priority, marketing strategies, strategies of tourism and hospitality development.

1. 2001-2003. Doctoral student of the department of International Business, faculty of International Business, Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University
Dissertation title: Strategy and Perspectives of the Air-Transport System Development in Georgia
2. 1986-1990. Post-graduate student at department of Economics, faculty of Economics, Moscow K. A. Timiryazev Agricultural Academy
a) Dissertation title: Perspectives of Agrarian Sector Development in Georgia in Modern Conditions
b) Qualification: Candidate of Economic Sciences - 26.06.1990.
c) Direction of Education, field: 08.00.05. – “Economics, Organization and Management of National Economy”
d)Diploma requisites: series/number: КД № 026220; Date of issue (day/month/year): 26.06.1990. Organization issuing the diploma: BAK.
3. 1978-1982. Agricultural Institute of Georgia
Specialty: Economics and Organization; qualification: Economist-organizer

Working experience:
1. 01. 2011 -   Full professor of RSU Tourism Faculty,  dean of the Tourism Faculty
2. 09. 2009 - 01.2011. Full professor of the direction of Management and Administration at RSU faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law
3. 09. 2006 - 09.2009. Associate professor at the department of Economics at RSU faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Law
4. 10.2004- 09.2006. Senior teacher at the Chair of International Economic Relations, Finances and Credit
5. 10.2001- 10.2004. Docent at the RSU Chair of Finances and Credit
6. 01. 2006 - 08. 2010. Director of RSU School of Business
7. 05. 1997- 02. 2000. Director of Aviation Company “Jeron”, Ltd. (Ukraine)
8. 07. 1991- 11. 1994. Director of Consulting Scientific Enterprise “Agro – XXI Century"
9. 08. 1990- 07. 1991. Director of the Commercial Center of Moscow Inter-Economic Amalgamation “Voskhod”
10. 02. 1988- 12. 1989. Junior researcher at the Chair of Economics at Moscow K. A. Timiryazev Agricultural Academy
11. 02. 1983 - 12.1986. Senior Lab Assistant at the Department of Economy, Scientific-Research Institute of Georgian Viticulture and Wine Making

Scientific works published for the last 10 years:
Monographs, textbooks
1. Human Resources Management. Tb., “Universali”, 2009. 200 pages (textbook)
2. Banking Management. Tb., “Universali”, 2009. 363 pages (textbook)
3. Reference Guidebook for Farmers. Batumi, 2008. 80 pages
4. Preparation of Business Projects in Agrarian Sector. Batumi, RSU. 2009. 52 pages

Other works, scientific articles

1. Strategy of Regional Development of Tourism // Directions of Economic and Social Development of Georgian Regions in Transitional Period. SESPSKI, Batumi – Tbilisi, 2001, pp. 240-246
2. International Tourism Development and Air Transport // journal Economics, Tb., 2001, № 8. Pp. 93-100.
3. Air Transportation Selling and Global Systems of Reservation // Topical Economic Issues, TSU Transactions, XIX; Tb., 2002. pp. 158-167
4. Strategy of Air Company – Participation in strategic, Global or Marketing Alliances // RSU Transactions – 7, Batumi, 2005. pp. 212-220
5. Social Orientation of Business: Model of Inter-relations between Business, State and Municipality // Proceedings of the scientific-practical conference “Transparent Local Budget” (29-30 March), Kutaisi, 2008. pp. 99-105
6. System of Efficient Interrelations between State and Business // Proceedings of I International Scientific Conference “Globalization and Perspectives of Sustainable Development of Georgian Economy” (22-24 October). Tbilisi, 2008. pp. 31-33
7. Modern Marketing-Management of an Air Company // journal “Sakartvelos ekonomika” (Georgian Economy). Tb., 2008. №5. pp. 80-83
8. Total Quality Management as a Precondition to Create Competitive Priority for an Air Company // journal “Regionuli ekonomika” (Regional Economy). Batumi, 2008. №1. pp. 28-30
9. Modern Conditions and Metamorphosis in Business Development // journal “Business and Management”, 2009. №1. pp. 63-68
10. Project Financing and its Possible Application in Agrarian Sector // Proceedings of Scientific-Practical Conference “Regions and Food Supply of a Country” (3-4 July), Batumi, 2009. pp. 471-478
11. Strategies of a Company Development // Proceedings of Scientific-Practical Conference “Innovations in Business (Problems, Perspectives, Challenges) (16-17 April), Batumi, 2010. pp. 164-170
12. Innovation in Business Education(in Tourism) // Proceedings of Scientific-Practical Conference “Tourism: Economy and Business” (5-6 June), Batumi-Trabzon, 2010. pp. 721-722
13. Strategic Marketing and Competitive Priority of a Company // journal “Business and Management”, 2010. №2. pp. 147-151
14. Wine Tour in Adjara // Proceedings of Scientific-Practical Conference “Tourism: Economy and Business” (5-6 June), Batumi, 2011. pp. 403-410

Participation in Scientific Forums/Conferences:

1. “Social Forum of Europe:, 12-15 November, 2003 (Paris)
2. International Scientific Conference: “Youth and Business – XXI Century”, 16-17 April, 2004 (Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University)
3. International Conference: “Cultural Tourism and Educational Reform in Georgia”, 07-08 November, 2005 (Tbilisi)
4. Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Economics and Business. I International Scientific Conference: “Globalization and Perspectives of Sustainable Development of Georgian Economy” (22-24 October, 2008).
5. German Association of Technical Collaboration (GTZ), CIWI – Consulting Company (Germany), Center for International Migration and Development in Germany (CIM), Ajara Tourism Association (ATA), RSU School of Business (BBS). I International Conference “Integrated Financial and Project Management in Tourism and Business” (28-29 November, 2008).
6. “Constitution and Constitutional Justice”, V North Caucasian Scientific Conference, 19.12.2008. http://www.viu- online.ru/rus/science/center/bulletine/7.html
7. International Scientific-Practical Conference “Globalization, World Crisis and North Caucasus” (16-17 May), 2009, Kutaisi
8. Association “Open Society – New Kutaisi” (sponsored by National Endowment for Democracy – NED, USA). Scientific-Practical Conference” “Transparent Budget” (29-30 March, 2008)
9. Scientific-Practical Conference: “Regions and Food Safety Assurance of a Country”, 21-23 May, 2009, Batumi
10. International Scientific-Practical Conference “Innovations in Business” (Problems, Perspectives, Challenges), 16-17 April, 2010, Batumi
11. International Scientific-Practical Conference: “Regionalization, Modern Regional Economic and Social Processes”, 1-2 May, 20010, Kutaisi
12. International Scientific-Practical Conference: “Tourism, Economics and Business”, 5-6 June, 2010, Batumi-Trabzon
13. II Republican Scientific-Practical Conference of Teachers and Professors “Georgian Economy and Social-Economic Problems of Sustainable Development”, 18 December, 2010, Kutaisi
14. International Scientific-Practical Conference: “Tourism, Economics and Business”, 4-5 June, 2010, Batumi

Language Skills:
Georgian (native), Russian, German

1. “Business Forum and Specificity of Organization” – (Seminar, Tbilisi 11.12.2006.), sponsored by GTZ – German Society of Technical Development
2. Oxford Management Consultation Center – “Leadership Teaching Program”, 21-22.11.2008.
Training course: Project Management Development, 04.2008 (Germany)

1. “Seasonal Tourism Research in Ajara Autonomous Republic”, with GTZ sponsorship - German Society of Technical Development, project coordinator – GTZ expert (2006).
2. “Agribusiness Development Project – ADA”; USAID; sponsorship of Millennium Challenges to Georgia/MCG, business-expert (2007).
3. Partnership (CIWI GmbH, GTZ, CTC, BBS) Teaching Grant Project “Business Integrated Financial and Project Management for Representatives of Non-governmental and Public Organizations, Small and Medium Businesses”, with GTZ sponsorship - German Society of Technical Development, project coordinator – GTZ expert (2007-2009).

Additional Information:
1. Chief editor of inter-university scientific-analytical journal “Business and Management”
2. Chief Editor and project leader of Georgian edition of the textbook “Strategic Management” by American authors A. Thompson and A. Strickland, 2010.
3. Leader of international expeditions “First Christian Road to Georgia” (Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey) and “Three Georgias” (Tao-Klarjeti, Fereidan, Saingilo), 2007-2008.

Sphere of Interests:
Extreme travelling (over 24 countries).

Has a wife and two children