Members of the Academic Council

Faculty of Humanities
Marine Aroshidze

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Guram Chaganava

Faculty  of Economics and Business
Vazha Verulidze

Faculty of Law
Malkhaz Nakashidze

Faculty of Natural Sciences and Healthcare
Rusudan Khukhunaishvili

Faculty of Physics and Mathematics and Computer Sciences

Faculty of Education
Guli Shervashidze

Faculty of Technology
Teimuraz Kikava

Faculty of Tourism
Anzor Devadze 

Agrarian and Membrane Technologies Institute 
Zuran Mikeladze - Senior Scientist

Institute of Phitopathology and Biodiversity
Zoia Sikharulidze - Senior Scientist

Niko Berdzenishvili Institute
Tamila Lomtatidze - Senior Scientist